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Edipsos - 1.9 km

According to mythology, the famous springs with the thermal waters of Loutropolis were created by Hephaestus so that Heracles could rest there after each of his labors. However, Edipsos is not a thing of the past, nor has it lost its unique identity. To this day, it is an attraction - a trademark of northern Evia, as every summer many people from all parts of Greece come here to swim in its waters. In Edipsos you will find over 80 thermal springs in an amazing natural landscape that combines lush vegetation and beautiful waters. Baths, spas and mud baths alleviate physical ailments, but above all they provide peace and tranquility in a landscape of impressive natural beauty.

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Drymona Waterfalls - 40.7 km

A gem of natural beauty, just 2 km from Drymona. The Drymona waterfalls are located at an altitude of 620 meters and the sight of them is truly shocking. To discover them, hike along a path full of trees and dense vegetation and enjoy the majesty of nature at every turn. Thanks to the specially built bridges, you can admire the rushing water at close range. The Drymona waterfalls are formed by the River Sepia, whose waters end in a dreamy, crystal-clear lake. The rocks and the dense forest of black pines make up the unique beauty of this attraction. Places like the Drymona waterfalls have attracted the admiration of many nature lovers who visit them every year, no matter which corner of Greece they come from.

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Kerasia Petrified Forest - 39.4 km

A unique natural monument that truly captivates every visitor. The Petrified Forest of Kerasia is surrounded by three villages in northern Evia: Kerasia, Agia Anna and Papades. It is one of the largest forests, not only in Greece but also in Europe. Its age is estimated at 20,000,000 years and its paths are a walk through the history of the place.

Walking through this iconic forest, you will have the opportunity to discover fossilized tree trunks as well as animal and plant fossils from centuries past. Most of them are located on Psili Rahi, a point west of Kerasia. It is an attraction that combines the present with the past in such a vivid way that those who have visited it describe it as a unique experience that leaves unforgettable memories.

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Church of Agios Ioannis Rossos - 62.7 km

The church of Agios Ioannis Rossos is an important point of reference for thousands of believers. Located in the village of Prokopi, the church is a special attraction for Christians as it houses the immortal relic of Agios Ioannis Rossos. This church is considered by many to be miraculous and still attracts the attention of the religious community of northern Evia. The memory of the saint is honored by the church on 27 May with a pilgrimage and the organization of a large, traditional festival.

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Monastery of St. David - 35 km

The Monastery of St. David became famous thanks to its abbot, the charismatic elder Iakovos, and his miraculous virtues. Its fame and history are indelible to this day. It is located in a green environment with numerous trees and crystal-clear springs. Another special feature of the monastery are the rare and valuable religious relics and the miraculous bones of St. David the Elder. On 6 August, the feast day of the Transfiguration of the Redeemer, the monastery organizes a large bazaar in the courtyard and invites numerous people to a big party.

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Galataki Monastery - 34 km

Agios Nikolaos occupies a particularly honorable place in the religious life of the region, which is confirmed by the fact that its monastery, also known as Galataki Monastery, is one of the oldest monasteries, not only in Evia, but in the whole of Greece. The road to the monastery is another journey through the rare beauty of Evia's natural landscape. The spectacular view from the site of the monastery is something that characterizes it and attracts many people.

Another very interesting element of the Galataki Monastery is that it is a women's monastery with a great history that begins in 1576. It is a particularly important reference point in the life of the place. So if you want to get to know the history of Evia in depth, you should not miss this attraction.