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Vacations are the perfect opportunity to do something with friends or family and share moments of joy and fun. North Evia is the right place for hiking. If you love nature and want to explore its secret treasures, there are three mountains to start with: Telethrion, Xiron Oros and Kavalaris.

The rich nature you will find in the forests and the diverse vegetation that thrives there offer a picture of astonishing beauty. Even if you do not have much hiking experience, you can cross these mountains without fear. There are nature trails that take you to beautiful landscapes and areas where rare species of flowers and herbs grow. A hike in the mountains of North Evia will bring you closer to the magnificence of this place.

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Water sports

If you have not tried water sports yet, maybe it's time! Surfing, parasailing or kitesurfing are particularly popular in North Evia. Due to the high demand in recent years, there are the best professionals in the region to guide you safely and securely to your favorite sport.

In addition to water sports, diving in the beautiful waters of Evia is also a unique experience. The clear and blue waters of the region's seas hide a world of special beauty at the bottom, waiting for you to discover it. Diving courses are very popular in the summer months and are an activity that more and more people are choosing.

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Excursion to Lihadonisia - 30.3 km

If you want to take a short day trip to discover another destination, Lihadonisia is the ideal choice! This paradisiacal place, also known as "the Seychelles of Greece", is located opposite Lihada and consists of small, uninhabited islands with rich nature and enchanting beaches. Golden sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and a lush, natural landscape that invites you to explore. It is one of the most popular summer destinations and attracts more people every year with its magical beauty.

The islands that attract the most people are Magnolia and Megali Strogyli. Magnolia beach has been recognized as one of the best beaches in Europe by European Best Destinations, so swimming in its waters would be a special experience. Another organized beach is located in Mikro Lihadonisi and is called Nea Paralia. You can get to and from Lihadonisia by boat. However, you can only swim at the organized beaches of the islands, as the others are not suitable due to the volcanic terrain of the islands.