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Beach of Loutron Edipsos - 2.5 km.

The beach of Loutron Edipsos is one of the most popular beaches of North Evia, as it is known for its healing waters. It is one of the first ports of call for the residents of the area and therefore definitely worth a visit. The beach is located in the Euboean Gulf and its waters are clear and blue, warm or lukewarm, due to the thermal springs present in the rock. But the beach is not just rocky. If you walk around a little, you will find pebbles and sand in various places.

It is an ideal beach for families, as the water is not particularly deep. The most important thing, however, is that there are no currents here and it is therefore very safe. Adults and children can take advantage of the thermal waters and spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Although it is a central beach of the resort, there are no beach bars here. The beach has two special spots where most people spend their time: One is located near the hot springs. It is mainly frequented by older people. The other is to the right and left of the ferry, where a large proportion of the young people hang out. In any case, the beach of Loutron Edipsos is very popular and crowded with people of all ages during the summer season.

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Agios Nikolaos beach - 100m

Another amazing beach of the Euboean Gulf, on the coast of Edipsos. The beach of Agios Nikolaos begins at the settlement of the same name in North Evia and stretches all the way to Yaltra. This beach overlooking North Evia is very popular with young people, as it offers beach bars with tasty snacks and delicious cocktails in addition to its beautiful waters.

A beautiful beach along Agios Nikolaos that is very popular with family vacationers is Hellini. With its fine sand and crystal clear waters, it is one of the most impressive beaches in the area. But its uniqueness does not end there. Its waters lead to a unique little island where the small church of Agios Nikolaos is located. If you want to light a candle in his honor, you can get there by swimming.

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Porto Pefko - 10.7 km

On the way to the northern Euboean Gulf, you will come across a beach with beautiful, deep blue water and an impressive pine forest. The beach of Porto Pefko is unique and the contact it offers with the natural landscape is incomparable. It is covered with fine sand and has a beach bar that combines the magic of nature with comfort.

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Ilia beach - 9 km

The north of Evia is full of beautiful, picturesque villages with beaches that offer wonderful summer memories. One of these villages is Ilia, a quiet fishing village that hides a beach worth seeing. In the morning you can take a dip after a stroll through the village's alleyways and in the afternoon you can sample delicious local snacks in the village's tavernas.

To the left of Ilia beach is Therma Loutra beach. Its bottom enchants every visitor as it has an impressive reddish color. Its peculiarity is due to the increased temperature that the water takes on at various points in combination with the minerals in the water. The thermal baths consist of real water springs that gush out of the rocks, which is why visitors experience this unique sight.

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Mylos beach - 14.5 km

The name of this special beach comes from the old mill that stands on its golden sand. The beach of Mylos will enchant you not only with its beautiful waters and the wonderful view of the northern Euboean Gulf. It is a beach in an area with lush vegetation that creates a special atmosphere of tranquility for bathers.

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Beach of the Chrysi Akti - 19.5 km

One of the best choices you can make if you have a family and want to spend a comfortable and relaxing day by the sea. Chrysi Akti is located in the northwest of Evia and is a beach with sand and shallow waters. It is a large beach that is organized and attracts many people every year because it is easily accessible and beautiful.